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Welcome to JL Custom Jackets' newly enhanced website. Our custom online patch builder has been rebuilt and no longer requires Adobe Flash. We are excited to inform you that patches can now be created on mobile devices. We have extensively tested the new site. However, if you notice any issues we may have missed, please send us a message by clicking the Contact US page. Visit us on Facebook and give us a "like"!

Chenille Letters

All chenille letters are made onsite. Each letter is manufactured with two felts. The first felt is the base for the chenille to be sewn onto, as well as the first contour for the letter. The second felt not only contours the first felt for added color, but also seals in the chenille yarn. This adds durability to the letter as well as protection for the yarn. Most letters from our competitors are sewn together with a chain stitch. At JL Varsity Jackets and Patches, our letters are sewn together with a zigzag stitch for added strength. This provides a finished look and prevents the edges of the inside felt from curling over time. Onsite digitizing is available allowing us to mimic or custom-create varsity letters per your request. Whether your letter is for your school, large corporation or just for you, we can create it.

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